Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rome Vatican tours blog @?

Many articles about Rome which were over at our WordPress blog are being rehoused. We've not been happy with WordPress SEO for a while so have bitten the bullet and called it a day with them... (?)

Once this mammoth task has been accomplished, you'll be able to read about Piazza Venezia and why it's loathed by the locals, understand more about moving through Roman traffic on a scooter and why it's the best way to see the city, or just hear from a devoted expat who just can't get enough of Rome come hell or high water - all here and happy on Blogger.

Seasonal news and views will discuss Xmas tours in Rome, Vatican tours at Christmas, a word or two about the legendary off license we all know and love as "Johnny's" in San Giovanni, and random odds and sods covering festive music during December which may or may not include Handel, Bach, Solitary Experiments, and local hero Simone Spiritual Front.

All of the above will land here very soon!

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