Saturday, 8 October 2011

Limo Services Rome EU

Fraud. Not something one would immediately associate with the Vatican. A disturbing story emerged on St. Patrick's Day, not about an Irish tour guide, but an American tour operator (perhaps of Irish descent, perhaps not), who saw fit to sell tickets for the beatification of late Pope John Paul II for £150 each. Ok, we all work on mark ups for the services we provide, but £150 to get into an event which is free overstepped the mark somewhat. The Vatican City Tours website was already making tens of thousands of euros a month selling Vatican tours online (even though the owner was an illegal tour guide running an unlicensed agency), so why on earth did he defraud others?

The culprit is said to have been arrested in his Rome apartment, wherein police discovered 15 computers and 21 firearms. Two other websites are also being investigated: and - new ownership status is pending on at least one of these domains (updated: February 25th. 2013).

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