Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Help for start up Rome tours and Vatican tours providers

When In Rome Tours are now offering Rome and Vatican tours site owners the opportunity to earn commission payments by reselling our tourism products and services.

Year on year, many new Rome tours websites crop up on Google. They list a great number of activities and we do wonder how on earth they manage to get hold of licensed guides, procure all the necessary legal paperwork and licenses required by law to operate a tour agency in Rome (which cost thousands of euros), and take care of every other aspect as regards working in Rome tourism. Perhaps they don't know what they are letting themselves in for, or they just don't care and are happy to walk the line.

We tow the line, but while we don't plan on bailing out the competition - who will be undone by the authorities sooner or later - affiliates will be able to build web pages marketing our tour products, or add our tours to existing websites and get paid 10% of what we earn from the referral.

We're already advertising on Google Adwords. For more information, contact:

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